Stitch Fix #3

Stitch Fix does not sponsor or compensate me in any way. All opinions/feedback are my own.

I received my third Stitch Fix shipment last week and it was much better than the last one! If you remember, I was pretty disappointed with my last and kept only one top that I wasn’t overly crazy about just so I didn’t lose my $20 styling fee. This shipment went much better and had several things that I really liked.

So on to the goodies!

Lila Ryan Dorianna Skinny Jeans $98-returned

The fit of these jeans was spot on, but I felt really strange about the tan color. On the style card and the app, they looked more of a dusty pink color, which I was excited for, but then they were tan and I can’t get over the fact that they are so…skin-colored. I feel like people would think I am not wearing pants for some reason if I would wear them, and that made me think that I would never wear them, so I didn’t see the need to spend $98 on them.


Pixley Eskiva Crochet Cutout Detail Blouse $48-Kept (for my mom)

This top was cute on my mom, I didn’t really care for the cutout detail around the middle. So she kept it for herself.


41Hawthorn Moni Geo Print & Camisole Blouse $58-returned

This top looks cute enough but it’s really weird on. Like it didn’t hang right or something along those lines once I finally wrangled myself  into it. The tank top was sewn in and I didn’t want to tear those threads so I was trying to be very careful when I was putting it on. I think the metal studs on the front and sleeves were a big part of the hanging problem. I just don’t understand why almost every top has to have those on them anymore.


Good Hyouman Teighlor Slim Fit Drawstring Jogger Pant $78-kept

Yes I kept what could technically be described as very expensive sweat pants, but you guys!!! The fabric. It’s divine. So soft and silky. I love them. I had actually pinned a similar pair of joggers on my Pinterest, which is linked to my Stitch Fix account and they mentioned in my stylist notes that they had seen it there. So that’s cool. I can’t wait to really wear these out. I have a feeling they are going to be a most worn piece in my closet. Note: The tag on these pants called them the Holly Active pant. 


Skies are Blue Olano Crochet Detail Top $48-kept

This top is too cute! I like the crochet detail along the edges and the fabric feels really nice. It fit pretty well, and as I lose more weight will fit even better, so that’s exciting! I really liked this top and it will work well for both work and casual outfits.


So that was this Stitch Fix shipment. Much better this time around! More inline with what I was hoping to see with Stitch Fix. Now just to get the whole Stylebook app sorted out and organized!

Almost Time…

For our annual Lake vacation!

For the past several years, we’ve gone down to the Lake with a group of friends and stayed at our friend’s family lake cabin. Most of the time it’s super nice and relaxing (there have been a few years where I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation!) and I am totally ready for it this year. Even though I’m a little nervous because they are going to be starting on a few projects around the new house that I wish I could be there to see. But I guess I will live!

In the mean time, I’ve been skipping my workouts this week because I had a cooking class on Monday that I totally forgot about until Adam reminded that afternoon, then Tuesday it poured rain and stormed complete with thunder and lightning. Yesterday we met with the plumber for a walk through of the house for rough-in purposes. Then we had to run a couple of errands. Tonight I am going to focus on cleaning up the house and packing some of my stuff up tonight and laundering all the laundry to be laundered before we leave. Generally, I’m one of those people who packs totally last-minute, even though I make a packing list days in advance. But I’m trying to be more organized and get stuff done so I’m not rushing around like a crazy person!

I’m really looking forward to using this trip as a time to reset and prepare for the rest of the year. I mentioned in my post yesterday that I needed to buckle back down on my financial goals, but I also need to buckle down on all my other goals as well. I know going on vacation just after declaring that I’m going to buckle down seems a little ridiculous, but this vacation doesn’t cost us a whole lot in the terms that we don’t have to pay for a hotel or lodging, we all split the grocery bill, and while we do go out to eat it’s really only a couple of times during the course of the vacation and everyone covers their own bill. So there’s an upside to it! Plus it will give me time to plan and prepare.

Anyways, posting will be light next week (if at all) because I will try to take little break from the Internets and read books and chill in the sunshine! See you when I get back!

Money Talk

So back in January, I posted about how Matt and I had sat down and gone over our financial stuff since we were building the new house and came up with how we would be handling bills moving forward. So far, the joint account has been doing great! I’ve been in charge of paying the bills out of it and it works pretty well, and we always have a nice balance cooking in there as well as our joint savings account. I always feel very adult when I look at that account and see how responsible we’ve been with it and everything.

Then I look at my account. And I don’t feel so adult.

I did really well for the first three months, keeping track and getting my bill paying schedule down. I even paid off a credit card before leaving for Italy, and have paid it off a couple of times since then. But then I decided I didn’t need to keep track anymore. And of course, everything went to shit.

I got off my bill paying schedule, I went into the negative, I borrowed money from the joint account and then put it back with the next paycheck, but that was asking to start a troubling cycle of constantly borrowing money. Which SUCKS!

So, it’s mid-year and it’s time to buckle down and get back on track with everything. I do have one card that will be paid off soon, because it was the financing for when we bought our new bed a few Christmases ago, and it was offered at zero percent. So the balance on that is actually rather low, and I’m thinking of looking into paying it off sooner rather than later, so that I can have the funds used for that to put towards other debts or just have that extra bit free to use.

Raise time is coming up in September, so that a good thing, too! I always feel like I’m struggling so much! I’ve been trying to budget my grocery money a little better, and menu plan from week to week vs month to month because maybe that will make it a little easier to come up with meal ideas?

At any rate, payday is on Friday, which means I get a chance to get sorted back out and get back on track paying bills and keeping track of my spending. I know at 31 (almost 32!) I should have a better sense of finance, but for whatever reason, be it laziness or stubborn stupidity, I can’t seem to get my shit together on this! It’s so frustrating!


Lincoln County Fair 5k Race Recap

This Saturday I ran the Lincoln County Fair 5k. This is my race recap!

Since this race is in my hometown, I didn’t have to get up super early to drive to the start line to pick up my packet. They offered packet pickup two night before the race, but it was during times when I would already be busy at the fair, so I just opted to grab my stuff race morning instead.


Shirt design & color

Shirt design & color

The race hasn’t been ran in 17 years! I’ve lived in Lincoln County nearly all my life and had never heard of this race, but that’s not totally surprising since the last time it was run was in 1999 and technology hadn’t really taken off yet! Plus, I was just a wee little high school freshman back in those days, so I wasn’t really on the up and up of the race scene.

Pre-race I downed a bottle of water and a Huma energy gel, while I had my hand-held bottle filled with watermelon Nuun.



I finally bought a race number belt so I wouldn’t have to mess with safety pins and them tearing holes in my workout gear. I like to invest in quality pieces, so it makes me sad when I tear a little hole in my legging or tights because of safety pins. But no more!

The race was supposed to start at 7:30 but we started a bit late because the race director gave a little emotional speech before hand and the police escort cars were a bit late to the start. But it wasn’t too awful. It was a super small race, with only 94 entrants and 80 finishers because some people chose not to come to the race. You honestly couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to run the race. The humidity hadn’t gotten up there yet and there was a pretty decent breeze for most of the race.

I knew most of the course pretty well, and knew that the second half of it was going to be composed of several uphill climbs, so I want to conserve my energy for those so that I didn’t peter out and have to walk a bunch. The first half was slightly downhill, but nothing majorly noticeable. Mile one went through some residential only areas and was pretty shady. I tried to rein it in and keep myself from passing a bunch of people on the get go, which was what I wanted to do, since I was feeling pretty good. I had been worried because Thursday night we poured beer at the auction and I was standing all night and I felt the effects of that in my legs and my back. So I spent most of Friday with some compression sleeves on and I think it helped do the trick! Mile one came in at 14:42 for me.

Course views

Course views

Mile two finished out the residential area and moved into a mostly commercial area with zero shade. It was also kind of a closed in area since there were two big factories and then a retaining wall that ran for a portion of the mile, so it didn’t feel like too much air was moving. The second mile of any race is STILL my struggle point for whatever reason, so I felt like I was moving a lot slower this round, coming in at 15:40.

About a third of the way into mile two, the climbs started. There were a couple short downhill sections and flat parts, but for the most part it was a steady uphill climb. Which is almost worse than a short, steeper hill! I just kept telling myself that someone was standing at the top towing me up with a rope and I think mentally that really helped.

Mile three felt a bit better than mile two, although there isn’t much of a pace difference, considering it came in at 15:39. At this point we were running on one of the main thorough fares in town, so we had to deal with a few passing cars but most people gave us plenty of room. I did not want to mess up my tangents or trip on something unexpected by taking my race to the sidewalk, so I stuck with the roadway and dealt with it. It wasn’t too bad, really. Once we turned onto the road that would take us back into the park and two the finish, the police car that had been there for the race leaders was waiting for us and for a while I got to pretend like I was leading a race running right behind it! Corny right? But it was fun! At this point in time, I realized I had way more left than I thought I would so I began to pick up the pace and battle it out a bit with this girl who was next to me. I had passed her, and then she passed me, and then I passed her again and just started hauling butt towards the finish line. Then it was through the line to have my tag collected and get my medal and a water. img_3041img_3042

I actually stuck around the awards ceremony and it was nice! The race director got a little choked up when he was thanking everyone for coming out and participating, which was sweet! You could tell he really put a lot of time in to the race and that it was his baby. It was such a nice little race and I’m looking forward to hopefully doing it again next year!

Final stats-

Tag Time-47:57

Tag Pace-15:28/mile

Garmin time-47:50

Garmin pace-15:14/mile

Overall placement 66/80 finishers

Gender placement-38/49 Femalesimg_3045



Weekend Review: Hell Week is Over & Hiking

Fair week, which I affectionately refer to as Hell Week wrapped up on Saturday with the concert and everything went pretty well. I basically spent the entire day there after running the 5k that morning (recap & review coming soon!) and I think this is going to be a good year for the fair. The past few years haven’t always been the best for the fair, and they’ve had a couple where they lost a bit of money, but with some of the changes that were put into place, I think they are on the path to bouncing back and become a source of pride again for the community.

Since I was busy all day on Saturday, I didn’t really get much done but I made a concentrated effort to do a ton of stuff on Sunday, even though we slept until 10:30! That’s super late for us to sleep in, even though we got to bed around 2:30 Sunday morning. I guess we just needed it!

I spent most of Sunday morning and early afternoon doing laundry and working in my garden and orchard. I picked one and a half gallons of tomatoes, half a quart of blackberries, and nearly 5 gallons of peaches. I was super lazy and never got a sprayer for my fruit tree spray, and as a result the stupid beetle bugs have attacked most of my peaches. I’m hoping I have enough to make some peach jelly from, and I picked them before they were 100% ripe and have set them out, so hopefully they will ripen up over the next day or so before peeling and juicing them all.

After all that I decided to go hiking on the Clark portion of the Lewis & Clark trail. I hiked it last year in the fall the correct direction, but a lot of people hike it in the opposite direction, so that’s what I did yesterday. It didn’t feel quite as hilly as hiking it the correct way, but there are still some definite climbs during the hike! There were also a few downed trees across the trail from recent storms, but I was able to go around them or climb over them with really no big issues. It was pretty humid in some spots but the closer you got to the end of the hike the nicer the breeze was to blow some of that humid air away!

I did remember to take some photos so here you go!


It’s almost like hiking in a rain forest!

The river through the trees. There are spot where you can hike out and get better photos, but I was ready to get back to my car!

Ankle turners!

The most bottom point on the trails. This is were the Lewis and Clark trails split, so that the Lewis trail adds on another 3 or so miles.

So much greenery!

One of the bridges you cross. The only real “official” bridge, however there are a few platform bridges that cross in places.


Not compensated or anything, but if you are considering a double-walled beverage container, get one! I love my S’well bottles and this one kept my water nice and cold for my entire hike! As did the one I left in my car for the post hike!

Off trail views

A little slug I saw while making a detour around a fallen tree.

In The Kitchen: Cooking Class Edition

I really enjoy cooking. Like, it is one of my favorite things to do. So when my friend Adam told me he wanted to do some cooking classes at Kitchen Conservatory, I was down for that! The first class we took together was a Mardi Gras themed Cajun-style boil, where we made not only a shrimp and crawfish boil, but an appetizer, sandwich, and dessert. If you’re in the St. Louis area and want to try a fun cooking class or are looking for a specific kitchen gadget, Kitchen Conservatory is 100% the place to go. I love it there!

The first thing that we made was an olive bruschetta on toasted baguette slices with provolone cheese, salami, and prosciutto. One group of the class put together the olive, tomato, celery, and olive oil mix for the bruschetta, while Adam and I slice the cheese and meats and then assembled the whole thing. I normally don’t care for olives, and I’ve especially never been a fan of green olives, but this appetizer was delicious! I even had to pieces because there was enough left over for us to take another serving. It wasn’t overly hard to put together and when I find the recipe, I will try to remember to share it with you all.

Olive Bruschetta w/ provolone, salami, & prosciutto on a toasted baguette slice.

The next thing that we went to work on was the chef’s take on a po’boy sandwich. Except since he chose to use a beef tenderloin he referred to it as a rich boy sandwich. This sandwich guys, it was amazing! The chef just kind of threw together some ingredients for a rub for the tenderloin, then we made a spiced mayo to spread on the toasted baguette, then layered it all together with some spinach greens and tomato. Again, something I will definitely post on here when I find the recipe because you need this in your life.

Rich Boy Beef Tenderloin Sandwich

Now the main event of the evening was the boil. And I will be 100% honest with you, this wasn’t my favorite boil recipe. I much prefer the one that Matt’s cousin puts on, but this one wasn’t awful. You could tell that the crawfish were frozen, but other than that everything was pretty tasty. There were mussels, shrimp, crawfish, corn, potatoes, and mushrooms in the mix. I didn’t actually have anything to do with making the boil, since another group in our class was in charge of that recipe. But it was still a good time. It was kind of funny because I was one of the few people who knew the proper way to eat a crawfish, but I was also one of the only ones who hadn’t been to New Orleans and had a true boil down south!

Yeah, I totally played with my food!

Last but not least, we made dessert. It was a bread pudding with homemade whipped topping and caramel sauce. Adam sliced up the bread and mixed the ingredients together for the “pudding” part and I made the caramel sauce on the stove. It actually had bourbon in it, and even though I am not a soggy bread fan, this shit was pretty freaking good. It did have a lot of dairy in it, so I didn’t eat my whole serving, but it is something that I’d probably make again if I had some bread pudding fans coming to a party I was making desserts for.

That caramel sauce though-I made that shit!

All in all it was a really good class and I felt like we made some really simple, easy to put together for a large group items. That tasted really, really good. Again, if you’re looking for a fun activity to do with friends or even by yourself, this place is right up your alley!