It is damn cold outside today! Currently the temp is hovering around 6 degrees and you can definitely tell. At least it’s not windy out because that would just make things even more miserable than they already are.

And also the reason why I am pushing beginning my spring half marathon training off until Wednesday when it is supposed to be a little bit warmer!

I was going to kick off tomorrow, but some other things have come up that I need to be around home for, and I am not ready to spend a ton of time at the track running in circles just yet! Also, not ready for treadmill time either.

I am actually doing a different type of training plan than I normally would follow (however loosely that may be). Instead of having set distances, I am using a training plan that is available through Garmin Connect and it is all based off time. I really want to break the three-hour window in the half marathon, so I am going to be trying to really stick to the training plan. It’s set up pretty interestingly, as far as how they want you to proceed. I am doing the Level 1 Half Marathon program, which is 3 runs a week, plus cross training days and rest days. So, I am curious to see how this all works out. There are several walk breaks scheduled in to the runs, like on long run days it will have you running for 60 minutes, then walking for 10. Repeat to a total of 2 hours 20 minutes.

Garmin has several different types of training plans, and if this one works out I will try one of the others, like a triathlon program or a cycling one.

Here’s to a successful training program!

Stitch Fix #5

Note: Stitch Fix does not compensate me in any way for these posts. All opinions and purchases are my own.

I received my fifth Stitch Fix shipment a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to posting about it! It was a pretty good shipment, and I like and kept three things from it. For more info on how Stitch Fix works, see this post.

On to the goods-


Market & Spruce Bri Knit Cardigan $48-Kept

I am actually wearing this sweater right now! I love it. The length is good, the sleeves are plenty long, and I can wear it with a regular t-shirt and jeans or a fancier top and dress pants for work. It’s really versatile and comfy.


Market & Spruce Galapagos Cross Bar Dolman Knit Top $54-Kept

In the picture I kind of folded the top in half and flipped it around to show the back details. It make a great work top, the fabric is nice and thick without looking bulky. It’s slightly stretchy too, which will help it keep it’s shape.


Edyson Hampton Corduroy Skinny Jean $68-Returned

I wanted to like these, but I wasn’t crazy about the color or the fact that I could hear my self walking every where. Loudly. The curse of cords. They also reminded a bit like something you would have worn for the holidays when you were a toddler, so there was that, too.


Bay to Baubles Nixen Pave Detail Cuff $28-Returned

I am just not a huge jewelry fan. All the jewelry I wear came from Matt as presents and also my wedding set, so I didn’t really have a need to another bracelet.


Market & Spruce Cordelia Striped Boat Neck Sweater $58-Kept

Yeah, just realized I kept everything that was Market & Spruce. But this is another versatile piece that can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear with it. After washing it, it does appear to have shrunk just a little bit, but it still fits nicely and is quite comfy.



So all in all I was pretty happy with this Stitch Fix selection. I’m looking forward to my next one, and hopefully having better photos for you once I get my new closet all set up!

Slacking & Lacking

Sorry for being such an absentee blogger lately! Things have been crazy busy with building the new house and I haven’t had very nice things to say so I’ve kept them mostly to myself.

But, anyways, time for an update!

The new house is almost complete! It has been a struggle and we had to do the majority of the plumbing (and by we I mean Matt & my Dad) because we had to fire our plumber. Long story short, there was a lack of professionalism. So, for the past few weekends, we have slowly been putting on vanity tops and running water lines. All the cabinets are in place, with the exception of our built-ins, and there are just a couple of things left that need plumbing work done upstairs. The living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom and bathroom have all been painted and are done.

We actually moved the bed into the bedroom and have been sleeping in the new house since Thanksgiving eve!

I can’t wait to post photos and give you all a little house tour when we get officially moved in! So far everything has been coming together just as I imagined it would. At least looks-wise. There have been so many bumps along the way that it’s been a pretty stressful time the past few months and everything has taken a back seat to this, including running and yoga. I did manage to run two 5k’s recently, but no training or anything has been happening around my house. I will be so GLAD when all this gets over and we can go back to our normal programming! Unfortunately that is going to be right when tax season starts, so then there will be that to deal with.

Oh well, you gotta roll with the punches, right?

I do have a few posts in the works, including a new Stitch Fix post and a couple of race recap/reviews. So I will try not to be absent for too long again!


Stitch Fix #4

About a week ago I received my fourth Stitch Fix shipment and this one was pretty amazing. If you remember, I had a couple where some of the stuff was neat, and one that was completely disappointing, but this was one where I could have kept everything, but didn’t because I didn’t need something or they just didn’t fit right.

Quickly, how Stitch Fix works:

~You fill out your style profile online

~You’re stylist chooses 5 items that they think you would like for a $20 styling fee and ships them to you.

~You receive your items, figure out what you like and want to keep and what to send back. If you keep anything, your $20 fee gets applied to your purchases. What you don’t want to keep gets sent back in a pre-paid envelope.

Per usual, Stitch Fix does not compensate me for my posts in any way. All opinions are my own.

Now on to the good stuff!

Loveappella Edgewater Knit Top $48-Kept

I went back and forth on this top for one fact. I had just gotten done folding a load of laundry and 80% of the shirts I folded up for myself were gray! But I couldn’t pass up the fit of this top. It was plenty long enough without being extra wide, which is something women’s clothes seem to do. Instead of getting longer and bigger as the size goes up, they just get wider and stay the same length. But this top hit all the right marks, and I even grew to like the odd little pocket on it.

Le Lis Covington One Pocket Top $58-Kept

I really liked this flannel, but unfortunately it was too short on me, but fit my mom perfectly, so I kept it for her. The material was really soft and had a nice, broken-in feel to it, not stiff like some flannels are when you first get them. I wish it had been about 3 inches longer and it would have totally been added to my closet!

Urban Expressions Zella Satchel $64-Kept

Again, this was something my mom kept. I wouldn’t have kept it otherwise, even though it was a very cute bag, simply because I have a small collection of purses that I like to use and I’m pretty discerning when it comes to my totes and bags. But my mom is going on a trip in a couple of weeks and this will be a great carry-on tote for her to use on the plane. Plus, it is a pretty color and seems pretty sturdy, like it will hold up well.

Honey Punch Layla Elbow Patch Detail Cardigan $48-Kept

I was SO excited to see this piece in my fix. I must have it pinned 20 times on my Pinterest board. The fabric is nice and soft, and the elbow patches are suede, and I just really like the whole fit to it. It’s plenty long without being to overwhelming, which is nice. One of my favorite pieces so far!

Just Black Steph Distressed Bootcut Jean $88-Returned

I wouldn’t call these jeans really distressed. There was very minor detailing on one knee and a bit on the back pockets, but that was pretty much it. Plus they were much too short and too small, so the fit was off on them. I’ve only had one pair of jeans in my fixes that I’ve liked and kept, which is kind of saddening for me, simply because I’ve seen other bloggers get some really cute pants with their fixes.

So that was what was in this month’s fix. Some pretty great items, and I’m looking forward getting my next fix in early November!

If you’re curious about Stitch Fix, I encourage you to give it a try! The worst thing is you might lose out on $20, but you also might find some of those styles that you’ve been coveting, or find something you never even knew you liked!

Time For

Another rambling update!

Honestly, I do try to think of posts on a regular basis, but then I get busy and it gets pushed aside and forgotten. But, I have been busy doing lots of things! Mostly house related stuff for the new house, which is getting closer and closer to being done each week, and fitting in an odd run or yoga class here and there.

But first, my birthday! I turned 32 (!!!!) back in August and celebrated with dinner with my family and the day off work to attend a yoga class with one of my favorite teachers. You can kind of see the lady across the table from me in the picture, that’s my grandma and we share a birthday. So it’s fun getting to share my cake and birthday dinner with her. I got some really great gifts, ranging from shoes to watches, including a new Garmin, so I was definitely spoiled for my birthday.

Fast forward to Labor Day weekend and my parents yearly party. I didn’t get to get out and go dove hunting this year, mostly because opening morning was during the work week and then I was busy on Saturday and the party was on Sunday, but Matt went and got a few doves, so for the party I made some dove poppers which were a total hit. I was surprised they went over so well, considering the audience and the fact that they were wild game. You can see my little popper assembly line in the photo. I used jalapeno peppers, sweet orange peppers, cream cheese, bacon, and then a salt/pepper/garlic blend to season the dove, then grilled them once we got to my parents house. I secured them with toothpicks, but will have to remember to soak the picks next time because they did burn, and that causes them to break off really easily, which can be dangerous when eating. No body wants a toothpick chunk stuck in their mouth!

I did manage a couple runs, and ran in a relatively new to me location, around Creve Couer lake. I ran in that park once during TNT training, but this time I actually started by the lake and did an out and back for a total of four miles. It was rough, seeing as how it was in the 90’s and pretty damn humid. But I haven’t been able to force myself out the door once I get home and make dinner, so it was that or nothing.

This was one of a few deer that I saw on my run. The deer in Creve Couer have no fear of people. I tried to shoo it off the trail, but it let me get surprisingly close before it casually stepped down the hill to watch myself and some other runners pass.

Speaking of deer, bow season opens here tomorrow! I probably won’t make it out until Saturday morning, but I have been practicing with my bow a few times recently. It nice to see that even though it’s been a year since I had touched it last, I hadn’t lost any draw strength and at 10 yards, I’m still pretty spot on! I need to practice more to get these kind of groupings at 20 yards, but my shots at that distance still aren’t too bad. I’m looking forward to hunting season this year, and I’m hoping to fill my tags! The past few years haven’t been great because I haven’t seen many deer. I’ve seen signs of them every where I’ve looked, but no actual deer have been around when I’ve been out. I hoping that changes this year!

With the house project nearing completion, I’m hoping that I will have more time for blogging. I also will have some new material when we pick up our new puppy next weekend! I don’t know how on Earth we are going to be able to pick from the four available boys, because they are all pretty stinking adorable, but I guess it will have to be done!